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Interview with
Lisa Smith
for IHCAN Magazine

An insightful discussion with Lisa Smith on the link between neurodiversity and nutrition in November issue of IHCAN Magazine.

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in Eating Disorders,

Disordered Eating & Neurodiversity

NEDDE (Neurodiversity, Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating)

NEDDE TRAINING is a pioneering and innovative company founded by Bernie Wright and Lisa Smith, who have wealth of knowledge and expertise built up over many years of clinical practice.

Whilst research shows that 1-in-5 people are estimated to be Neurodivergent, this number significantly rises in those with Eating Diversity, and we recognise the traditional approach to supporting Eating Diversity does not embrace the individuality of the Neurodivergent client, nor their need to be supported in a person-centred way.

Courses are led by Bernie Wright and Lisa Smith, accompanied by the knowledge of key experts in the field of both Neurodiversity and Eating Disorders, with the aim of helping attendees to deepen their understanding of working with these two, often coexisting, issues.


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