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Diploma Testimonials

"The diploma in eating disorders and neurodiversity has been the most comprehensive and in-depth course I have attended throughout all my years of training within the field of counselling and psychotherapy. As a specialist counselling psychotherapy in neurodiversity and eating disorders I was amazed by how much additional information I learned from this course, the trainers brought all their knowledge expertise and up-to- date information into the course, the additional discussions, and personal reflections from those both participating and presenting really brought the training to life. When it came to completing the course through a case study and personal reflection, I was so thrilled I was allowed to do the case review through discussion rather than written this was the first time my own neurodiversity was considered when completing a course. Being the first to complete every aspect of the course is amazing and I would recommend this course to everyone whether you work in the field or not this will give you so much to take into your life into work and understand those around you much better."

Laura Clifford-Jones 

LGCI, BACP Accred Director & Clinical Lead at Poole Therapies & Associates Ltd.
Clinical Supervisor, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Coach & EMDR Therapist

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We had the pleasure of joining Bernie Wright face-to-face for her two day training course on Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating (encompassing the neurodivergent client). As a course leader Bernie is a perfect mix of passion and knowledge. She delivers the material with integrity and stands alongside the trainees allowing space and time to process the complex material shared- on a personal and professional level. Bernie skilfully encompasses the neurodivergent client within this training and explains the clear links between eating disorders and their effect on this particular client group.

The additional Nutritional information and resources delivered by Lisa Smith creates a rich basis from which the psychological and physiological treatments of clients can be interwoven and connected, creating the best outcome for those receiving treatment and ultimately ‘gaining health’. Bernie interrogates the language and approaches used in our current system to treat people suffering with their relationship with food, weight and shape, introducing new ideas, alongside more appropriate and person-centred methods for treatment. The training left us all wanting to learn more and, better placed to help our own clients.


Allya Khammari, Tunbridge Wells Counselling Centre


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Training for Grayrock

Grayrock focuses on offering CPD events for mental health professionals. Their specialization lies in providing practical skills-based workshops that equip delegates with material they can immediately apply. Greyrock is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and identifying the most in-demand topics and captivating speakers. They organize national and regional events to cater to a diverse audience.

“Absolutely brilliant course. I was sorry not to be able to participate in person on the day however, have just completed the course and cannot rate it highly enough. Both Bernie and Lisa are excellent tutors with up to the minute research information which kept me focused and interested.
Thank you."
"The training course was brilliant as I have come to expect from Grayrock/Stanton Psychological Services. It was highly informative, pitched at an appropriate level for me (I am not a specialist), with lots of content and was well delivered.
I would definitely recommend it."
Fantastic training from two very experienced professionals, Bernie and Lisa, who have given a wealth of information across eating disorders, neurodivergence and the interplay across both, which has been so crucial to help with working with these clients!

Thank you!”

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