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Who We Are

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Bernie Wright

Founder & Director

Bernie is the co-founder of NEDDE TRAINING and a BACP (Accredited) Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor. She qualified in 2004. In 2007, she trained as a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders and Obesity at The National Centre for Eating Disorders (NCFED). Subsequently, she went on to become their supervisor, mentor, senior lecturer and clinical lead.


She launched NEDDE TRAINING with Lisa Smith after identifying the lack of support readily available for the extensive number of neurodivergent individuals suffering with eating disorders and disordered eating.

Bernie has been running her own company, Healing Minds, working as a private therapist, advisor and trainer, for many years.

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Lisa Smith

Founder & Director

Lisa is a co-founder of NEDDE Training and a BANT Registered Nutritionist ,specialising in functional nutrition. Her focus is upon the presenting client and not any diagnosis or label they may have been given.


Lisa always believes in going beyond the basic dietary guidelines. Consideration is given to a client’s internal and external environment, their genetic predisposition and lifestyle, in order to identify factors which may be

impacting upon physical or mental wellbeing.

Having worked with Bernie for over a decade, Lisa has a wealth of experience encompassing all eating behaviours, as well as an understanding of the influence neurodivergence can play in these.

Lisa is a senior lecturer at the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine, and has also worked closely with a cognitive neuroscientist, studying and understanding the interaction between hormones & neurotransmitters and their influences over behaviour.

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Alex Sejdia


Alex operates diligently in the background, ensuring seamless operations at NEDDE headquarters.


Her multifaceted background includes roles as a creative entrepreneur, designer, and artist, with a passion for bolstering small businesses and diverse charities.


In recognition of her exceptional work, Alex clinched the 'Business of the Year' award from Not On The High Street in 2015 and was honoured by Folksy with the 'Best Product of the Year' in 2014. Her achievements have frequently captured media attention.


Always approachable, Alex welcomes any queries or concerns you might have and is committed to assisting you.


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Kim Rutherford


Kim is an NCS Accredited Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist supporting bariatric patients, both         pre-surgery and post-surgery.


She is the founder of 8Wise™, a unique model for improving mental health and wellbeing and Weight Wise WLS, an online support group for bariatric patients.  


Kim has published five books and is the host of the Live The 8 Wise Way podcast, teaching people the 8Wise™ methodology and how to implement it into their lives for better mental health and wellbeing.

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Mel Ciavucco


Mel is an Integrative Counsellor, writer, trainer and group facilitator. She is interested in all kinds of eating distress and disordered eating, body image and weight stigma, especially advocating for people in larger bodies. Mel also works for a domestic abuse charity, working with perpetrators. She was published in Therapy Today with an article about fatphobia (June 2021 edition) and she writes about disordered eating, weight stigma, class, and more on her website

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Denise Corby


Deni, an NCPS registered integrative therapist, strongly believes in creating a safe and ethical therapeutic space for self-exploration.

With qualifications in various therapeutic approaches and specialised training in eating disorders, she actively contributes to raising awareness topics like child sexual abuse through the radio show The Continued Silence.


 Deni's diverse background includes managing refuge services, overseeing mental health services, and working in education. She is now preparing to support young girls in sport psychology and body image work, aiming to prevent eating disorders in the sporting community.

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Tigger Pritchard


Tigger describes himself as an awesomely neurodivergent and autistic advocate, consultant and trainer based in Cornwall. Tigger has over thirty-five years of professional and personal experience of working alongside, learning from and advocating for neurodivergent individuals.

His focus is raising understanding of neurodiversity, accepting people for who they are and not trying to fit them into any "neurotypical box". Using experience, knowledge, teaching practice and personal insight, he carries out training and consultancy work both face-to-face and online, supporting individuals, families, corporate organisations & educators. 

He is a regular conference speaker and host of several podcast/vodcasts, as well as a Makaton Regional Tutor.


Tigger has been nominated for National Diversity Award 2023. 

Penny Chapman


Penny, a resident of Jersey, is a qualified Neurodiversity & Inclusion trainer. As a neurodivergent individual and the mother of two neurodivergent children, including her daughter Lily, who has multiple neurodivergences, she has a personal connection to her work.


Lily's struggle with food restrictions and autism diagnosis drove Penny's deep interest in Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). In 2020, at age 15, Lily was officially diagnosed with ARFID by Gillian Harris.


In response to her experiences, Penny launched an online support group with nearly 1,200 members in August 2022. In February of the following year, she co-founded "AllMatters Neurodiverse Jersey," a charity. These initiatives were born out of her personal experiences as someone misunderstood within the context of autism and the hardships faced while raising her children.


At the Jersey Charity Awards, the charity secured 2nd place in the small charity category and received the Judges Choice Award for the most inspirational charity team.


Penny encourages attendees to join the charity's Facebook group and access materials on their website, promoting collaboration between parents and professionals, who are treated as equal partners and experts on their children's needs.

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Debbie Grayson


Debbie brings over 25 years experience of working as a highly respected pharmacist to her nutrition practice and is widely regarded as the expert in the field of interactions between the patient, prescribed medication and nutritional supplements and herbs. 

Debbie uses her expansive knowledge of pharmacology and nutrition to teach and support practitioners to understand the impact of medication on the patient and how to work safely alongside.

Cloie Parfitt


Cloie Parfitt is a former registered nurse and integrative psychotherapist. Her doctoral research at the University of Edinburgh examines the intersection between autism and psychological trauma and provides indications of best practice for practitioners working in this area. Cloie has worked in the field of mental health for over a decade in a variety of roles, including as a mental health nurse, psychotherapist, peer support worker, development mentor, and support group facilitator. 

Cloie now runs a private practice and works almost entirely with neurodivergent youth and adults. She is passionate about making a difference in this area of mental health and considers it a great privilege to work with neurodivergent clients to resolve the effects of trauma and enable them to live freely and authentically. Cloie has also worked as a consultant and trainer across various organisations educating professionals about the impact of trauma on neurodivergent lives and enabling professionals to work competently, ethically, and in a neuro-affirming and trauma-informed way.


Jenny Langley


Jenny co-authored the New Maudsley Skills-Based Training Manual with Professor Janet Treasure and Gill Todd in 2018.


In 2006, Jenny wrote of her family’s experiences in the book Boys Get Anorexia Too, and has a special interest in providing support and hope to the many families who are struggling with a male eating disorder in their midst.


Jenny was awarded the Beat Volunteer Recognition Award in 2014 for Outstanding Service to Education and Awareness, as well as the 2016 Royal College of Psychiatrists Award for Carer Contributor of the year in recognition of her ongoing work with carers, eating disorder services and in the wider community with a particular focus on preventative work in schools.

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