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Nutrition for Health Professionals, Nutrititional Therapists and Health Coaches.  


2-Day  Course for Nutrition Professionals

Working With Neurodivergent Clients and Disordered Eating


Dates: 04.10.2024 & 05.10.2024,

Time: 9am - 5pm (14 hours)

Location: Online via Zoom



It is estimated that one in five individuals exhibit some form of neurodivergence, yet a significant number of nutrition professionals are not trained to work effectively with these clients. Our specialised 2-day course, adapted from our highly acclaimed 4-day diploma course designed for mental health professionals, is tailored for those already working in the nutrition industry who want to broaden their knowledge when working with clients presenting as neurodivergent. 


In many cases, the neurodivergent client has additional needs and requirements to be met before compliance with any dietary advice/support can be taken on board. Knowing what to recommend to achieve a balanced and healthy diet is great, but without the awareness of how to work in a person-centred way to overcome neurodivergent traits and behaviours, this knowledge can be wasted.


This course will delve into the myriad of symptoms and conditions that frequently coincide with neurodivergence, such as IBS, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, poor stress resilience, and depression, each contributing to the diverse and individualised presentation of each and every neurodivergent client.


The intricate connections between hypersensitivity, impaired interception, and disordered eating behaviours are often poorly understood, however, emerging research is revealing associations between neurodivergence and the patterns of binge eating and restrictive/repetitive eating.


Our course is designed to equip you with the resources needed to recognise and acknowledge neurodivergence within your clientele and also to identify the subtle telltale warning signs and raise awareness to help assess when disordered eating behaviours may be escalating into an eating disorder that necessitates specialised intervention. 

Leading the course is Lisa Smith, a co-founder of NEDDE Training and a BANT Registered Nutritionist, specialising in functional nutrition, accompanied by Bernie Wright, co-founder of NEDDE TRAINING and a BACP (Accredited) Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, Tigger Pritchard, autistic advocate, consultant and trainer, and Debbie Grayson, a pharmacist and Nutritional Therapist. They will illuminate the path to a deeper understanding and an enhanced approach to neurodivergence in the realm of nutrition, enabling professionals to offer more comprehensive and tailored support to their clients.

2-Day Course for Nutrition Professionals

  • Led by:

    Lisa Smith (BANT nutritionist & Snr Lecturer)

    Bernie Wright Eating Disorder & Distressed Eating Specialist (BACP Acred)

    Tigger Pritchard Neurodivergent Advocate, Consultant, Mentor and Trainer

    Debbie Grayson Pharmacists and Nutritional Therapist

  • Friday, 04.10.2024, 9am-5pm

    Saturday, 05.10.2024, 9am-5pm


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