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Module N1: An Introduction to Eating Disorders...

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Module N1: An Introduction to Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating with the Neurodivergent Client in Mind. This course has been specifically adapted for those already working within the nutrition industry, and who now want to expand their basic knowledge of working with clients suffering from the full spectrum of eating disorders / disordered eating, whilst giving consideration to the individuality of the Neurodivergent client and their need to be supported in a person-centred way Eating disorders of all types are multifaceted in themselves and adding neurodiversity into the mix simply magnifies this, with any nutritional deficiencies adding the fuel that continues to drive the many co-existing conditions clients frequently presents with, including anxiety, depression, insomnia etc Having the knowledge of how to achieve a balanced and healthy diet is great, however communicating this can be a different matter, and if done so without the appropriate knowledge, has the potentially cause more harm than good. Led by Bernie Wright and Lisa Smith this course will offer an insight into how to identify, communicate and support those with any eating diversity and neurodiversity, to enhance compliance and maximise client outcomes.

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