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Life after Anorexia Nervosa by Anna Gilson

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Without you.

I am the girl running wild and free,

I am the teen diving into the melted glacier,

I am the newly wed dancing on the table.

I am the Mum falling in love with her new baby.

I am the love that encircles my soul,

I am the kindness that fills my heart.

My life no longer determined by you,

I am not bound by your control,

I have taken flight from the cage that imprisoned me,

My spirit dancing free,

My passions coursing through my being.

Life in all its technicolour so tangible now.

I am worthy,

I am loveable,

I am fire,

I am water,

I am earth,

I am air.

Without you I am me.

By Anna Gilson – March 2022

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