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Mark Fielding

Psychotherapist, relationship Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor

I am trained to use different approaches to meet the individual needs of clients and couples. These include psychodynamic (looking at the past and how it is affecting us today), systemic (looking at patterns in relationships), mindfulness (paying attention to our thoughts 'in the moment') and positive psychology (research based techniques to increase happiness and resilience). My therapeutic approach is very down to earth which I hope puts my clients at ease.

I am a certified service provider for ADHD and I have extensive experience in working with both couples and individuals with ASD, PDA, Tourettes Syndrome, ADHD, HSP or a combination of these.

I have worked with many clients with ADHD over the years and, in addition to a longer term therapeutic approach I offer shorter term ADHD coaching. The sessions will be fortnightly and will provide both psycho-education around ADHD and have a coaching flavour. I will provide resources - in a form that will work best for you - to study in your own time. If the client wishes to continue after the initial six sessions we can then move into a more general weekly counselling model.

Neurodivergent individuals may prefer to follow a more general counselling model. This model is less coaching focused and may be preferred by individuals looking for a less solution focused approach. This is also available.

Traditional methods of therapy often fail to recognise the impact that ADHD, ASD and HSP (high sensitivity) can have on a couple. I offer specialised couples therapy to neurodivergent couples. I have worked extensively with couples where autism, ADHD, Tourettes Syndrome or a combination is present in the couple. have extensive experience working with both couples and individuals with ASD, Tourettes Syndrome, ADHD and HSP or a combination of these.

Every couple is different and the presentations of ASD/ADHD/HSP/Tourettes Syndrome in a couple are obviously couple specific. Some common patterns (especially where there has not been a diagnosis) are overwhelm, miscommunication, feelings of loneliness, not feeling ‘seen' or understood, gender identity, sexuality and questioning around these areas. Where one or both partners have ADHD there can often be difficulties around conflict and negotiation around difference and misunderstandings around practical aspects of the relationship. These conversations can often escalate, leaving the conflict areas unprocessed; with no repair being made. As part of the therapy, I offer psychoeducation around the conditions and then look at how neurodivergence comes into the couple dynamic. Understanding of the other is key in all couples but can sometimes be more difficult to achieve in neurodivergent couples. The therapy helps to address this thus increasing mutual understanding and offering techniques for effective communication, resolving conflict and managing difference; thus creating an improved connection.


The therapy aims for both people to take equal responsibility in managing the differences between them and helping the neurotypical partner understand the neurodivergent partner better or if both partners are neurodivergent; understanding how this affects the relatioship and working on strategies to cope with problem areas. This allows the couple to focus on the strengths of both partners. Acceptance and understanding of difference being the foundation for a mutually satisfying relationship.

I am trained to work with Eating Disorders. I specialise in working with Binge Eating Disorder. Often people suffering from an eating disorder or disordered eating find it difficult to ask for help. Unfortunately, there is still so much unhelpful stigma attached to eating disorders; despite them being very common.

I also specialise in providing pre and post surgery support to clients choosing to have bariatric surgery. Psychological support is often not provided to bariatric patients and it can be an essential part of the bariatric journey.

Often the different needs of neurodivergent clients with eating disorders are not taken into account. I am fully trained and experienced in working with neurodivergent clients with eating disorders and also those going through bariatric surgery.

A safe and non judgmental space is so important and I offer this.

I am also the host of the podcast #psychotherapyunfogged. 

Working with Ambridge Media in Melbourne, my filmmaker friend Joe and I set up a podcast together in 2020. The first three series were titled #neveralone. Joe and I interviewed mental health professionals and guests with lived experience of different mental health conditions. Joe then left his hosting role on the show to pursue film projects and I took over as host. We rebranded the podcast to #psychotherapyunfogged. Joe continues to produce the show. We are currently in season 5 and the podcast has been very popular. I interview a wide range of guests from mental health and associated areas and people talking about their lived experience with different mental health conditions. I have also interviewed some well known guests from TV and the music industry. One of our unique selling points is that we effectively straddle the UK and Australia and interview guests from both continents. We also have a lot of international listeners and a growing following in the USA. I have recently started to put some video episodes onto my YouTube channel but as yet we do not have the numbers on YouTube that we do on audio platforms.





Online, Greater London, Suffolk


Mark Fielding

ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Binge Eating Disorder, Psychotherapist, Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Group Therapy, Body Image Issues, Adults, LGBTQ+ Affirmative Practices, Cultural and Racial Considerations, Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating, Neurodivergence, NEDDE Advanced Diploma Certified, PDA Disorders, Mental Health Support, Bariatric Surgery Support

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