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Caroline Toshack

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Movement Therapist

Hi, I’m Caroline

I’m an integrative psychotherapist and movement therapist based in Midlothian, Scotland. 

I see clients in person, online or outdoors. 

I have specialism in working with eating disorders, disordered exercise, chronic pain and trauma. I am neuro-affirmative and I also have specific experience of working with athletes, dancers and fitness professionals.

I first started working with eating and exercise disorders 14 years ago. After talking publicly about my own recovery, clients seemed to find me and I initially supported them through therapeutic movement practices, often while they also worked with a counsellor. It became clear to me that this was my passion work and I went on to do various specialised courses which ultimately then led to me training as a psychotherapist. 

Movement and somatic practices continue to have a role in my therapeutic practice and are now integrated with behavioural and humanistic based talking therapies. I believe that the body holds knowledge and potential for change that language cannot always reach. With that I recognise that it can be incredibly difficult for some to connect with their body, and indeed it can be challenging for some to connect with words. My aim is to meet my clients from the perspective that makes most sense to them and which respects their individuality, specific needs and unique experiences. I don’t believe that people fit into boxes, labels or specific treatment plans. 

I have been described as being 'pragmatically positive', 'down to earth' and with 'unwavering hope'. I know that life’s not full of unicorns and rainbows, but I do believe that we all have the capacity and capability within us to live a happy and fulfilling life – regardless of our past experiences. Yet, we all need support at times and we all get stuck. I aim to be a steady anchor for you throughout your time of therapy with me and to help you to find positive paths forward. 

As an ex-athlete, I am passionate about raising awareness of the fine line between ‘healthy’ and ‘disordered’ within sport and fitness, and challenging the paradigms in these fields around body size, shape and relationships with food and exercise. I have been presenting on this and delivering training on eating disorders and exercise addiction to coaches and fitness professionals since 2016.

Online, Midlothian


Caroline Toshack

ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, Orthorexia, Behavioural Therapy, Psychotherapist, Counselling Therapists, Group Therapy, Recovery and Relapse Prevention, Body Image Issues, Adults, LGBTQ+ Affirmative Practices, Disordered Eating, Eating Disorders, Neurodivergence, NEDDE Advanced Diploma Certified

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