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The Importance of understanding how to work with the Neurodivergent client by Elaine Henderson (MBAC

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Supporting people therapeutically with EDs is a complex process. Getting to the heart of the client’s world and making sense of their difficulties and experiences is key in the collaborative journey towards positive change and recovery.

Therefore, recognising ND in clients brings a wealth of invaluable information. It’s not easy. We know that the ED is a master of disguise. ND is often hidden and buried from sight within all the fears, and complex maze of the ED presentation. However, the professional knowledge of how to recognise the core characteristics of ND can enable a springboard for further exploration of clients experiences past and present….and therefore lead on to a more powerful ‘making sense of’. This in turn enables an important opportunity for deeper awareness and understanding within the context of ED recovery. The more we can walk alongside the client and delve into their specific experiences of ND, of understanding their ND selves, including learning about their experiences of difference in the world, the stronger our position of supporting the client forwards recovery. Of course this involves giving time to the discovery process. With educated knowledge we can help distinguish between ED and ND behaviours, learn about triggers and a raft of tools to help and reframe ND characteristics as strengths. This work allows client empowerment, growth and is all about their journey to health and happiness.

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