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An introduction to working with clients suffering with disordered eating / eating disorders encompassing the neurodivergent individual


Date: Thursday 7th November and Friday 8th November 2024
Time: 9am - 5pm (14 hours total)
Location: Online via Zoom 


For health professionals who wish to deepen their understanding of eating disorders & the impact they may have on the neurodivergent client in order to allow you to work ethically and competently with these increasingly common issues.


With Bernie Wright - BACP (Accred) and Lisa Smith - BANT Nutritionist (Reg)



To provide a framework and recognition of Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating working with both the Neurodivergent Client and the Neurotypical Client.



  • To discuss work ethics, overall health, and cognitive baggage of the client/patient.
  • To examine culture and stigma within society.
  • To recognise and support Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating with the Neurodivergent individual in mind.
  • To identify client’s reasoning, survival mechanisms and the road to recovery.
  • To compare physical and emotional processes in the mind and body.
  • To develop the skills and ability to support clients with health gain, lapse, relapse, and collapse.
  • To develop appropriate vocabulary.


Learning outcomes:

  • To understand the importance of meeting each & every neurodivergent individual in a person-centred way.
  • To understand the complications that the neurodivergent individual faces in recovery from eating disorders and disordered eating & how to support them in recovery.
  • Learn how to spot a client who is neurodivergent and the successful interventions needed in order to achieve a positive outcome
  • Gaining an understanding of hyposensitivity and hypersensitivity in the Autistic individual & effective strategies to help ensure engagement.
  • Develop ways to engage with the neurodivergent individual who is ADHD & may find executive functioning & organisation challenging
  • Gaining an understanding of the importance of pacing with this client group and how to establish a rapport at the initial assessment.
  • Understanding the reasons why this client group may be more suspectable to developing eating disorders & disordered eating
  • Understanding the role of mental health, the importance of correct nutritional input and how being neurodivergent effects treatment outcomes
  • Explain how the correct nutritional interventions can allow the client to better participate in other aspects of their treatment, and to do so with more clarity & optimism
  • The importance of understanding how our communication styles may influence whether we engage or disengage with our clients.


If you have any questions about the course content or entry requirments, please contact or call 01892 546773


NOV 24 An introduction to working with clients suffering with disordered eating

£295.00 Regular Price
£245.00Sale Price


  • Bernie Wright - BACP (Accred) 

    Lisa Smith - BANT Nutritionist (Reg)

  • Thursday 07.11.2024 9am-5pm

    Friday 08.11.2024 9am-5pm


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